No matter the hat you wear, I’ll teach you simple interventions to build the skill sets for life.

No matter the hat you wear, I’ll teach you simple interventions to build the skill sets for life.

Kids have changed! It seems like they’re wired differently. Text-speak. Minute attention spans. Lack of body awareness. Labels, labels, and more labels.

Learn new strategies to support teaching and parenting. Get inspired to look at learning through a different lens.

Be affirmed and validated for your experiences in education while learning different techniques to address challenges. Public and Private School Teachers, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Homeschool Parents, Childcare Professionals, and Others have learned tools to evaluate and support the physical skills of learning.

We cannot keep on doing the same ole thing and expect the same ole results.


Cindy’s teaching is dynamic and engaging! She weaves the powerful relationship between moving and learning with storytelling and practical tips. Her interactive workshops and courses are filled with strategies to immediately integrate into existing lesson plans and activities.

2020 has taken her teaching fully online. Participants have attended from over 25 countries!


This 24 hour course gives you a complete overview of “The 26” Brain Gym movements and practice with ten different Five Step Learning Processes, including Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Integrated within the course is theory of brain development and case study examples. 

This course can be taught independently and/or as a two credit graduate course, through Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Dive deep into the 26 Brain Gym® activities. Experience them in your body. Gain a better understanding of each movement, the philosophy behind the Brain Gym® program, and how this knowledge can support your daily life routine. Open to all.


This course prepares one to teach the 16 hour Brain Gym® 104 course and create customized workshops up to 6 hours. Participants practice teaching concepts, as well as giving and receiving feedback. The course covers administrative details for Movement Facilitators.


These courses are tailored to the specific audience and may included balances, Q&A, and/or refinement of techniques. Pre-Req is Brain Gym® 101.


This 16 hour course is required for Brain Gym licensure. Paul Dennison describes the Optimal Brain Organization (OBO) course as helping learn why we do Brain Gym. Experience Enhanced Energy Exercises and four new balances, each addressing different aspects of learning blocks. Pre-requisite is Brain Gym® 101.

This course is also accepted for graduate credit at Hamline University.


This course fulfills 24 hours towards the 200 level electives. Learn 34 additional movements and eight new balances in this dynamic course. Cindy has personally “seen” such remarkable changes and is so excited to share with you.


This is an amazing course that adds four new dimensions to the three dimensions learned in Brain Gym® 101. The Learning Menu greatly expands as well. Each time I teach this course I come away with a feeling of new-found awe! Pre-requisite is Brain Gym® 101.


This 400 level culminating course to the licensure process allows one to practice teaching the elements of Brain Gym® 101 within the safety of peers. The course objectives cover trademark, sub-license, business aspects, the entire 101 course, and the code of ethics. The course is co-created by its members with the dynamic instructor modeling the drawing out format to its greatest potential. Pre-requisites can be previewed here.


This 8-hour course is for Licensed Brain Gym® 101 Instructors. Successful completion of course and fulfillment of other pre-requisites allows one to teach the Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator 110 course. During this course, examine the assessment tool, review the Brain Gym® 110 course syllabus and course content as well as review administrative handling of Brain Gym® 104.

Professional Development


Cindy has a lot of experience writing course content; she understands learner outcomes, objectives, assessments, and presenting to a variety of learning styles. Writing original course content for the University of Wisconsin-River Falls molded her into a well-rounded adult educator. She helped revise the Brain Gym® 101 Handbook and the Brain Gym Teacher Edition (2010). Please contact if you are looking for a tailored training about movement, sensory systems, literacy, art/music, Montessori and/or alternative methods of education. 

Contact me to tailor a training for you!

I am willing to come to you in person or teach online. The possibilities are endless!

Where have I spoken?

Before COVID, I traveled around the world to facilitate courses and workshops on movement based learning. 2020 has me fully online and reaching even more people from more countries!


Discover how to build the physical skills of learning in children of all ages with the basic Brain Gym® movements. Experience 26 Brain Gym® activities, learning how to do them and why they support development of the whole child. Explore these simple strategies that bring about changes in focus, organization, comprehension, coordination, communication, memory, and more.


Explore different early childhood education methodologies that have stood the test of time and continue to be supported by current research. Learn strategies that can be easily and cost-effectively implemented into your current program plan. The course focuses on Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilio methodologies. This is an experiential course. (12 hours online or 6 hours face-to-face)


Use the whole body for learning. Connect global human movement patterns (e.g. reflexes) and intentional physical activities to increase focus, enhance creativity, allow children to become grounded and centered and improve sensorial skills such as listening, vision, communication, and eye-hand coordination. This workshop is based on the Brain Gym theory; it is available online or in person. (2 hours)



Discover and honor how one’s brain and body are wired for learning and living. Each person’s unique profile has a huge impact on her approach to new situations and her reaction to stress. This is child development and personal development; techniques learned in this class can be transferred to children and others. (2 hours)


Nerve networks are formed through movement and touch. Reading a book requires subtle eye muscle movement just like kicking a ball requires large motor movements. Explore the physical skills of learning by experiencing Brain Gym processes and exercises. Be amazed at the difference intentional movement makes in one’s ability to focus, remain centered and think rationally. (2 hours)


Participants will explore effective means to unlocking the literacy code, by developing auditory and visual attention, building vocabulary and inviting movement. Using developmentally appropriate practices, the function and mechanics of writing will be addressed. Learning to write and read is not synonymous with learning to sit!


Contact me to see if we’d be a good fit!


are a wonderful way to receive one-on-one attention while working through a roadblock. Sessions may utilize Educational Kinesiology, such as Brain Gym®, in addition to other movement based modalities such as the Listening Program, Rhythmic Movement Training, Touch for Health, etc.

Benefits include:

  • attitude boost
  • enhanced focus and attention
  • improved academics
  • greater organization abilities
  • increased social skills
  • emotional connection to learning
  • better coordination and physical awareness
  • trauma release
  • and more!

Our daughter was diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction shortly after her adoption from Russia.  We sought help for her through occupational therapy, diet modification and a chiropractor. Although we saw some growth, we did not see a big difference in her focus and activity level until we started consulting with Cindy.  Understanding what will help our daughter, while watching her play, is an amazing ability of Cindy’s.

mom of Maria, age 5

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