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Learn new strategies to support teaching and parenting.

Get inspired to look at learning through a different lens.

Kids have changed! It seems like they’re wired differently. Text-speak. Minute attention spans. Lack of body awareness. Labels, labels, and more labels.

Be affirmed and validated for your experiences in education while learning different techniques to address challenges. Public and Private School Teachers, Occupational and Physical Therapists, Homeschool Parents, Childcare Professionals, and Others have learned tools to evaluate and support the physical skills of learning.

Cindy Goldade has classroom experience with infants through college age. People gratefully share their successes after attending trainings, whether it’s a two hour or the more thorough 24 hour option. Why? Because her strategies are logical and relevant for all ages!

Why is it IMPORTANT to learn about HOW learning happens?

Our world has changed since we were children thirty-plus years ago. Back-to-sleep campaign parallel to an explosion in baby equipment. Screens (television, computer, tablets, smart phones). Vaccination schedules. Toxic environments (chemicals, noise, lights, GMO’s).

 ➡ We cannot keep on doing the same ole thing and expect the same ole results.  

Is it all doom and gloom? 

NO! The dynamic brain within each individual has the potential to continually build new neural networks, no matter your age. So whether you know a struggling child or are a kid at heart, change is possible. 


Go back to the basics. Return to physiology. Revisit the developmental movement patterns from early childhood. Utilize music and rhythm. Connect heartfully. Cindy shares a multitude of tried and true resources so you can integrate new strategies into your life with kids!


Cindy Goldade, M.Ed.

When my oldest son played football and frequently fumbled, I looked at the relationship between his eyes and hands. After years of mysterious injuries and illnesses, my middle kiddo was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and I reflected on the relationship between learning and living. Born emergency C-section, my daughter’s chaotic movements and unhappiness fascinated me. Curiosity about the interaction between the mind and body was all-consuming at times.  



I owned and taught at a Montessori school for 3-6 year olds. I attracted children who unknowingly encouraged me to dive deeper into how learning occurs and potential roadblocks. The girl with fetal alcohol syndrome hoarded miscellaneous objects in the refrigerator. There was a boy who randomly fell off his chair, puzzled at how he landed on the floor. Another boy who could describe, but not name colors, “It’s like the sun!” And the siblings who were speech delayed.

A parent attended a Brain Gym Introduction and brought me the handouts.

“Here, you should check this out! I think you’ll like it!”

She was right! Thousands of hours of coursework later and I’m still learning about the integral relationship between the mind and body. I’ve studied physiology and neurology, the auditory and visual systems, and most recently the gut-brain connection. 

My own kids are homeschooling through high school and my previous students are young adults. Now, I am an Adult Education Master Trainer and Brain Gym® International Faculty Member who teaches graduate and undergraduate courses at two universities. 


Fantastic Feedback

Fantastic Feedback

American Montessori Society Conference, 2016
American Montessori Society Conference, 2016
  • Best session I went to; perfect detail level and balance between movements and explanations (American Montessori Society 2016 Conference Participant)
  • My staff really liked the class and walked away with ideas they can use in their classrooms. The instructor was great and we all felt we learned a lot from her. (Early Childhood Ministries Director)
  • This class is the best I ever had (Attendee at Learning Profiles Workshop)
  • Longer… Any other class by Cindy Goldade… (Attendee at Movement is the Key to Learning Workshop)
  • Cindy is a great speaker: very informative, personable, and creative. (Attendee at Alternative Methods of Early Childhood)
  • Real hands on tools that I can implement immediately. Cindy is a fantastic presenter…great visual aids. (American Montessori Society 2016 Conference Participant)
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