Brain Gym® 26 Movements 

Dive deep into the 26 Brain Gym® activities. Experience them in your body. Gain a better understanding of each movement, the philosophy behind the Brain Gym program, and how this knowledge can support your daily life routine. Open to all.

No Pre-requisites: this class is open to all!

I appreciate movement more and how it effects learning and reading.


This is a good evidence-based approach.

Occupational Therapist

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:


The effects after each of ‘The 26’ Brain Gym movements.


Life events as part of a learning loop or as an “out of the loop” stress response.


The language of Educational Kinesiology as it relates to the dimensions of learning.


How these movements can support one’s and others’ development of physical skills.
International Faculty Cindy Goldade brings a playful, yet balanced, whole brain approach to her teaching. As an interactive adult educator and homeschooling mother, Cindy lives and breathes this work every day. She brings a lot of online teaching experience to this course.