Learning Profiles

Discover and honor how one’s brain and body are wired for learning and living. Each person’s unique profile has a huge impact on her approach to new situations and her reaction to stress. This course is child development and personal development; techniques learned in this class can be transferred to children and others. it is available online or in person. (2 hours)

KCF I: Child Development and Learning
CDA VIII: Principles of Child Development and Learning

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:


how the brain and body cooperate together in an integration loop and what can happen to the cooperative process in stress.


one’s sensory intake using a playful method based on observation

Cindy is the most helpful instructor …  that I’ve ever had!

Infant teacher

Attention grabbing! Cindy teaches how to identify challenges some kids may have and to hopefully promote patience through education.

Early Childhood Educator

International Faculty Cindy Goldade brings a playful, yet balanced, whole brain approach to her teaching. As an interactive adult educator and homeschooling mother, Cindy lives and breathes this work every day. She brings a lot of online teaching experience to this course.