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Here are some of my favorite recommendations!

These have helped me in my learning journey. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which help me build online programs to inspire you to look at learning through a different lens.

Language, and subsequent literacy, can be abstract mysteries for parents and teachers. How did we learn to read and write? Just like learning to walk takes plenty of repetition and reinforcement, so does learning to use language. Here, these resources look at how to directly and indirectly prepare young children’s bodies and brains for academics. Hint: physical comes first.

The Keys to Literacy download explores how to prepare the body for the academic tasks of writing and reading. The physical skills of learning are isolated by sense and then combined into multi sensory lessons. While Montessori wrote about this a hundred years ago, it is still relevant today. Frequently Asked Questions rounds out the download, along with resources and bibliography.

The Lesson Plans include the recommended Montessori language lessons for early childhood. It is broken into sections:

        • Oral Spoken Language
        • Multisensory
        • Writing
        • Reading
        • Function of Words

Cindy Goldade, author, combines her experience in the fields of Early Childhood, Montessori and Brain Gym® to create this dynamic reference manual. She takes you on a tour through the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual aspects of development on the road to literacy.

When the Covid Pandemic struck, I recorded a number of Movement Meet Ups. These are 15 minute videos appropriate for all ages. They address stress, screen fatigue, coordination, and developmental movement patterns. Watch the video or click this box to go to the Movement Meet Up Playlist!

Recommended reading plus an interview and free resources

Outsmarting Autism

by Patricia Lemer is NOT limited to autism. She addresses every possible system and symptom! Her “total load theory” supports everything we are enduring in 2020 with COVID.


Patricia Lemer Interviews Cindy Goldade


'Fraid Not!

by Pam Formosa. Occupational therapy and Brain Gym(R) techniques empower children to grow, take risks, and not to be afraid of all life has to offer. These inspirational stories of childrens’ successes illustrate how movement enhances learning and performance. 

Educate Your Brain

by Kathy Brown. This book blends how to integrate intentional movement into everyday life and why it matters. The layout is visually appealing with gray boxes for stories, white boxes for quotes, along with beautiful graphics and photographs.

Hands On

by Isabel Cohen and Marcelle Goldsmith is filled with playful ways to bring intentional movement to the classroom setting. 


Smart Moves

by Carla Hannaford. This neurobiologist has a timeless way of describing the brain and body in understandable language suitable for all. This is required reading when I teach Brain Gym® 101 for graduate credit. PS I suggest leaving  Chapters 1-3 for the end; begin with Chapter 4 on emotions or Chapter 9 on water and oxygen.

Dominance Factor

by Carla Hannaford. This book provides statistics and support for honoring one’s sensory intake system.

Visit YouTube for Carla’s interviews.

What have I studied over the past twenty years? Here are some of the programs I use with myself, my family, my students and my clients.

Touch for Health

This program originally authored by John Thie, DC and Matthew Thie, M.Ed invites each of us to be our own primary care provider and our own most active advocates. 

Masgutova Neurosensorymotor Reflex Integration

MNRI by Svetlana Masgutova looks at the underlying reflex patterns that impact every aspect of daily life.

Rhythmic Movement Training

RMT looks at the body from a innate rhythmical perspective. There are different branches of this work. One is linked here.

Movement Based Learning

MBL was created by the late Cecelia Koester. This program is a set of developmental building blocks to support learners of all ages and abilities.

Advanced Brain Technologies/The Listening Program.

Advanced Brain Technologies has many impressive programs to support the mind and body, including The Listening Program, inTime, SleepGenius, BrainBuilder, and the Movement Program.

Brain Gym in the Business Arena

Jerry Teplitz has created multiple programs using movement and intention to support sales, marketing, business, and so much more!

Move With Me

This is a mindfulness program geared towards early childhood. 

Hearts at Play

This is the Brain Gym® founders’ website. Find videos, articles, and resources related to the physical skills of learning.


Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of Balance/Auditory/Vision activities rooted in rhythm.

International Faculty Cindy Goldade brings a playful, yet balanced, whole brain approach to her teaching. As an interactive adult educator and homeschooling mother, Cindy lives and breathes this work every day. She brings a lot of online teaching experience to this course.