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Jun 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

What happens when you volunteer a copious amount of hours on a project? Sometimes, an opportunity presents itself offering a win-win for all. Such as this case for me as an International Faculty member of Breakthroughs International.

I have been volunteering countless hours reviewing previous decisions and creating materials to match. In the midst, COVID-19 came down upon the world. After a few weeks of re-prioritizing, the committee returned to this project.

So, this is me publicly laying out my understanding of this pilot.

Brain Gym® 110

Brain Gym® 26 Movements Facilitator Training course–I am teaching this course on Thursday and Friday, June 25 and 26 from 9 AM to 6 PM Central Time. It is open to anyone who has completed:

Completion of the Movement Facilitator track allows one to teach the 16 hour Brain Gym® 26 Movements (BG104) and up to 6 hour introductions/workshops/inservices.

Who else?

Any Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor (including Faculty from around the world) may want to attend and experience this brand new course firsthand. Please note: Licensed instructors are highly encouraged to write up (a couple of the) 26 Case Studies to become familiar with the case study process. Doing so will allow you to experience the feedback loop process.

Next Steps: Brain Gym® 411

What then?

Brain Gym 26 Movement Facilitator Practicum (FP411) will be offered in an interim mentorship 6 hour format. Already Licensed Instructors can follow up the BG110 by attending this additional day on Tuesday, June 30. WHY? They will then be able to teach the BG110 course. The additional 6 hour Mentorship is ONLY available right now in the COVID-19 interim while the committee finishes the Facilitator Practicum 411 course materials.

FP 411 Pre-requisites:

  • Valid Brain Gym® sublicense
  • Attend Brain Gym® 110
  • Taught at least 5 classes to at least 10 people in the last 7 years
    • 2 of those 5 classes have to be BG101
    • 2 of those 5 classes have to be BG104

This is a lot to track. All instructors should have received an email from the administration today…Please  read it carefully!

Bottom line is: many have been holding space for this dream to become a reality–The dream of offering the many gifted licensed instructors another stepping stone to up-level their offerings. And our world is ready for some positive opportunities, some self-help. Let’s do this!

Final note: Class sizes are limited! Keep checking my website for additional classes being offered August-December.

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