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House of Winners

“We live in a house of winners!” was the fist-pumping exclamation from the lunch eating young adult when his baby sister found out she won the Tractor Supply Good Neighbor Contest. It is an answered prayer, a dream come true—to have kids see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Every family member …

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Reset the Anchor

Fishing anchors    As a frequent traveler, the metaphor of anchoring is a powerful one for me and my work. Maybe it’s because BK (before kids), my hubby and I used to fish and anchors made me nervous. Sometimes, they’d come loose—what if we drifted somewhere unfamiliar? Or they’d come up full of weeds—what if we …

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A Victim of Trauma

I. Fearful. Victim. I had an experience that left me feeling traumatized. The first thing my mom asked as I was sharing was, “Why? Why would God allow this?” And that question allowed me to start healing. There must be a lesson here for me to learn—maybe tolerance of those living in abusive situations or …

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Travel Takeaways from Teenagers

I survived 24+ hours in a van with 5 teenagers and 2 other adults. We traveled to the American Quarter Horse Congress to compete in a knowledge competition about everything equine. The kids fundraised hard for this adventure. As their coach, I was as excited as they were. Yes, there are elements of the adventure …

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Tools for Demolition

Habits can be hard to change. Yet, humans are capable of deconstructing and reconstructing habits every day of our lives. It’s a lot like a kitchen remodel. The tools appeared in the kitchen. I itched to prove to myself that I could remove tile. Education came first…I watched some youTube videos on removing backsplash, trim, and …

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