Brain Gym® 101: Balance for Daily Life

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In this Brain Gym® 101 Course, You Will…

  • Identify

    how the brain and body cooperate together in an integration loop and what can happen to the cooperative process in stress. Recognize language choices and their impact on one’s receptivity to learning.

  • Notice

    how ‘The 26’ Brain Gym movements address proprioception, spatial awareness, and developmental movement patterns. Refine your observation skills to identify what may best support continued growth and development.

  • Learn

    specific strategies for seeing, listening, writing, midfield, organization, communication, comprehension, attitude, along with combinations for efficiency and flexibility. Dennison Laterality Repatterning is one of the strategies.

  • Discover

    ten different balance techniques using the Five Step Learning Process. Identify intentions through goal setting. Use pre- and post-checks to explore physical elements of learning.

Spring Session (Wednesdays)
$400.00$200 repeat fee
  • 8 online sessions

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Having Brain Gym available to a wide audience is very valuable.  There are so many courses that one wants to take, but due to family or job responsibilities, or finances very often one can not attend a 3 day training.  Having the course online makes it available to a much wider audience and keeps costs down.

My favorite part was watching the teacher give a balance to someone.  I really felt like I learned a lot about how you communicate with the person you are working with; looking for connections, using words that make sense to them and making them feel heard and understood.

I really didn’t find the online format very challenging.  One day my internet was acting up and I missed a bit, but because it was recorded, I watched it a couple of days later.  I don’t think the online format has a lot of disadvantages. The think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by so much it cancels out any disadvantages.

I I learned about myself that I have been approaching my students with one philosophy of treatment for 20 years-

“I know what you need and you will do what I plan for you!”  Brain gym really opened my eyes to a different way of thinking and moving forward with the students. Letting them choose what they want to practice for helping themselves is totally revolutionary for me.   

Student from the Brain Gym® 101 pilot online course

About the Instructor

International Faculty Cindy Goldade brings a playful, yet balanced, whole brain approach to her teaching. As an interactive adult educator and homeschooling mother, Cindy lives and breathes this work every day. She brings a lot of online teaching experience to this hybrid course. 


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