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…Was Already Beautiful–Why Remodel? Comments and questions such as this invite introspection. Why bother remodeling one’s tangible home? My answer reminds me of why I get such fulfillment in helping myself and others remodel their own HOMEostasis as we do in Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K). Pre-Checks = Project Expansion With a quick glance at the surface, …

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Tools for Demolition

Habits can be hard to change. Yet, humans are capable of deconstructing and reconstructing habits every day of our lives. It’s a lot like a kitchen remodel. The tools appeared in the kitchen. I itched to prove to myself that I could remove tile. Education came first…I watched some youTube videos on removing backsplash, trim, and …

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Test Taking

Finals Week is upon us–for those us in college, teaching at the university and/or living with someone in one of those situations. In my case, it is all of the above. My oldest child is a high schooler living at home who is taking a full course load at the local community college and I …

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Warm-Up for Vision

Before you exercise, I bet you warm-up. Or at least know that you “should” stretch pre- and post-workout. What about when you read or use a computer? Do you warm-up your eyes? Similar to the large muscles of our legs, our eyes are surrounded by muscles to support movement. It is important to provide these muscles, …

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