What’s That You Say?

What’s That You Say?

The hand that drives the laptop mouse is over worked. He's complaining to his supervisor, the shoulder. The pecs in the front of the shoulder girdle are shortening in defense–they don't like listening to complainers. The rib on the top is locked up and pissed off! The...

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Are you having a movement?

Movement. Are you having one? Moment. How about some of those? I know I'm having plenty of both. Movement Meet Ups I'm offering FREE sessions every Friday morning at 11 AM Central Daylight Time. So far we've focused on the core, attitude, vision and posture–all...

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The Weight on My Shoulders

Pop! Back in July, I was in bed ALONE. I went to roll over. I heard a pop. It was from my right shoulder. How can someone get hurt rolling over in bed, alone? Commitments were plentiful. I didn’t have time to be injured. When it became clear the “pop” involved pain in...

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House of Winners

“We live in a house of winners!” was the fist-pumping exclamation from the lunch eating young adult when his baby sister found out she won the Tractor Supply Good Neighbor Contest. It is an answered prayer, a dream come true—to have kids see the glass as half full...

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Increase Body Awareness for Increased Performance

Body Awareness It can be easy to stand on the ground and coach those on horseback. It is even easier to “see” the perceived problem. Have you ever watched someone who couldn’t leg yield or whose hands seem to magically raise when the eyes look up and out? When you...

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Draw Out Youth Potential

**Written after Regional Competition; finally published after State Competition. Direct and Indirect How does my work in Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® align with coaching horse knowledge bowl teams? Drawing out is a key concept in both fields. One junior team...

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Fork in the Road– Choices and Consequences

There is a fork in the road. Which path should I take?  Up the ante a little bit. iPhone and Google Maps are not working. The paper map is hand drawn and simply shows following along the water’s edge. I’m alone on a trail in the wilderness. I decide to stay right…...

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Why do I do it? Look inside a coach’s mind and heart

Disclaimer: I’ve never taken a class on “Coaching 101.”   Sports teams have paid coaches. The coach doesn’t consult the players or the parents. Decisions made by the coach are final. Paid Positions I am a volunteer coach. The payment I receive is not financial....

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Prepare! Body, Mind, Spirit

Prepare! It’s the season of preparation! Before Thanksgiving, I chose to do a quick ten-day challenge towards health. I did really well for a week and then when I started baking for Turkey Day, I fell off the “sugar, potatoes, and carbs cliff”. Without even knowing of...

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Reset the Anchor

Fishing anchors    As a frequent traveler, the metaphor of anchoring is a powerful one for me and my work. Maybe it’s because BK (before kids), my hubby and I used to fish and anchors made me nervous. Sometimes, they’d come loose—what if we drifted somewhere...

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