Diwali, Light and Talent

Nov 16, 2020 | Business, Emotions

I wished my colleagues Happy Diwali, only after looking up what the holiday meant to whom. There are parallels across faiths, cultures, races, continents! Look towards the light is a common theme. Another is appreciating reasons to set intentions and reset one’s internal compass.

As the days physically get shorter and darker in my corner of the world, the words of my pastor resonate loudly. He recently spoke of “spiritual malaise, if not spiritual darkness.” I reflected on my own inner conflict with attending church services versus staying safe at home. I thought about how I detest the politics of Every. Thing. Today. From whether to attend church (or not) to how work is fraught with political undertones. If we share different views, I silently feel lambasted. Yet, I don’t go around intentionally criticizing others’ beliefs (spiritual or political). The social emotional environment is dis-eased.

Darkness to Light

Stay with me as I jump from darkness to light. The gospel reading was the Parable of the Talents. Am I using my talents? Am I hoarding any talents? I may not be a politician. I may not be a medical doctor. However, what can I, Cindy Goldade, do? In 2020, I used my talents to teach self-care strategies online. Furthermore, I helped create policies and procedures so that others in Educational Kinesiology could share their teaching talents online. As a birthday gift to myself, I took time away from teaching online to update the backend of my business. My website is updated and automated! No matter our faith or political affiliations, Covid has affected each of us. No need to state the obvious darkness. Instead look for the bright spots..

Talent Times Two

This is not the time to bury talents. No, it is time to double them! As I look ahead, I’m ready to activate a blog schedule. I’m ready to set networking dates, online professional development for educators (approved by MNCPD), and of course a Brain Gym® schedule for 2021! Join me in being a light for others! Whether you celebrate Diwali in November or New Year’s in January or any other holiday about newness, take a moment to look at your compass and be sure it’s aiming where you want it.


If you have strong political views about elections or Covid, please remember others may not be on the same side. They are not wrong any more than you are right. Be respectful. Follow the maxim that is in most religions—the Golden Rule:

Do unto others….
©2020 Cindy Goldade, In-Motion Intelligence

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