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My Current Lens

*Disclaimer: tearfully and heartfully written on Sunday evening, May 31

Through the Eyes of Covid-19

I’m halfway through teaching an incredible vision course. There are 18 participants from 6 countries and multiple states. We are all living through a pandemic. United together in our quarantines around the world. Sharing the same “vision” if you will.

Riots. Unrest. Social Injustice.

Where I live. In my beloved “Land of Lakes”. Minnesota. Last week when we met, Covid-19 took a back seat to the the wounds of death and wrongdoing, which were very fresh. During the opening circle, George Floyd joined our class as he was mentioned more than once. We acknowledged and proceeded to the course content, which upon further reflection was pretty spot on and relevant:

  • Nurturing our vision, receiving with our eyes, looking at the horizon and seeing possibilities.
  • Noticing our feet–how do we step forward in the world? Is our gait balanced side to side as well as front to back? How does the way we step impact the way we look at the world? Is our vision balanced between near and far? (E.g. Do I look down when I walk and lose track of my destination? Do I only look out and trip over things near?)
  • Moving with specific activities that support rhythm and cross space…both necessary for healing to begin.

The wounds are now a week old. I naively hoped wounds would be healing. Nope. These ones have had salt poured on them all week with riots, destruction, and trauma after trauma. It is being felt around the world! Watching television and social media feels ________ (harsh, surreal, terrifying). I recognize those intersections, roadways, and landmarks. But going to my local store for chicken feed and seeing the preparations to blockade the doors for an early closure. Wow. Speechless. “It” hits deeper than any visual recognition of a location.

As I think of the vision work, I recognize possibilities. But before I can look ahead, I must look inward. My own emotion is so intense. Just tonight watching the news I burst into tears. I had to emote. And then I walked and talked until curfew. And now I write.

What is Vision?

Having vision is a blend of what you physically see, how you process what you see, and how you act on what you see. It is a head-to-toe experience! In my rawness, I am not sure of what I’m seeing. Most of it is through a media’s lens and I’m not convinced of its accuracy. Processing feels incoherent and conflicting. However, I do know ways I can act on what I see:

  • I can write.
  • I can offer strategies.
  • I can point to Movement Meet Ups on youTube and on Facebook.
  • I can pray.
  • I can listen.
  • I can nurture myself, since change begins from within:
    • Walking barefoot in the grass to ground myself.
    • Using my senses to connect with nature.
      • Seeking greens and blues in the landscape and on the horizon.
      • Listening to animal sounds, especially during the quiet of the curfew.
      • Feeling the warm sun on my skin.
    • Feeding my emotional and mental self with uplifting music and readings.
    • Connecting with my parents, family and friends for social nurturance (appropriately distanced of course).
    • Taking this opportunity to learn more about racism, epigenetics, trauma, white privilege, and on and on.
    • Practicing what I teach: Brain Gym, Vision Gym, Educational Kinesiology. Using intentional movements to support myself.

What do you see through your lens? What can you do?

PS If there is something specific that I can do for you, please tell me. I am willing to share what I know and I’m willing to learn from you.

© 2020 Cindy Goldade, In-Motion Intelligence

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