What’s That You Say?

Apr 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

The hand that drives the laptop mouse is over worked. He’s complaining to his supervisor, the shoulder. The pecs in the front of the shoulder girdle are shortening in defense–they don’t like listening to complainers. The rib on the top is locked up and pissed off! The muscles around the shoulder blade are sending negative messages to the matching department on the other side of the spine. Can you just imagine their conversation?

From the whole upper core shoulder area, “What’s that you say? You’ve been working for hours?” There is some empathetic nodding but no change in policy, procedure or support staff.

From the eyes, “Don’t complain to me. Have you ever tried looking at a screen for so long? Plus my eye-hand coordination is on overtime. You have no idea what we are experiencing up here!”

From the lower back, glutes, and hips, “Yea, well, wah, !@#% wah! No sympathy here. We are your foundation and we’ve been literally working our ass off!”

May Be True, But So Not Funny

This article is about my body. I’m online more than ever. Last week I visited with my aunt who is working remotely from home and missing her ergonomically correct work station. I reflected about my laptop and the messages from my body. Is it possible to keep working exclusively on a laptop like I have for over ten years? Or is it time to research and invest in myself? What might that look like? What might it cost financially to do it? What might it cost physically if I don’t make some changes?

Investments: Here and Now

In the meantime, I’m investing in myself with movement. Intentional movement.

I’m walking. When I walk, I intentionally tuck my chin back–double chin. I roll my shoulders. I allow my torso to rotate on my hips–sexy swinging walk. I alternate straight arms with arms bent at the elbow. I check in with my knees and ankles–are they rolling in or rolling out? Ideally, I want them solidly under my hips. I socially connect using iPhone and headset. My eyes scan the horizon, the periphery, and what’s at my feet. My lungs breathe in the fresh air while my skin appreciates the Vitamin D  from the wonderful sunshine. Whether you race walk or stroll, whether you walk 3 miles a day or less, whether you have flexibility or tightness, please get out and move. Every little bit aids your body’s systems to support one another. Visualize interdependence and collaboration within your body.

And I’m doing a lot of Brain Gym® activity to support my systems (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). My April schedule is really keeping me accountable. Starting tonight, I’ll have five Mondays teaching Brain Gym® 104. (Hey, there are attendees from multiple time zones and there’s space for a few more. Sign up today!). There are 2 Wednesdays remaining for Brain Gym® 101. And then Fridays are Movement Meet Ups,  which are FREE 15 minute family-oriented sessions that I’m leading. MMU’s are recorded and then uploaded to youTube for future repetition and enjoyment!

Brain Gym is like the walking I mentioned previously. We simply do what we can in any given moment of time. Some days I celebrate simply breathing! Leave judgement at the door–it does not belong when seeking wellness.


What if we wrote a different ending to that opening conversation?

“Hey lower core, thank you for holding me up. Thank you for being a strong foundation.”

Blushing, lower core replies, “Gee, you’re welcome. As the literal and figurative tail, I am here to offer stability. I want to support what’s above as well as below me.”

The eyes filled with tears of gratitude, “Wow, we will stop trying so hard. We will work on our receptivity, on our soft focus, on our ability to let vision come to us instead of squinting, staring, and drying out. Thank you!”

The upper core, “We’ve been holding the weight of the world for so long. This discussion might slip out of our muscle memory. Please remind us when we take over again. Gently encourage us to let go. Help us to find balance.”

Are You Listening?

The first step is acknowledging who is speaking. Then determine whether action is required. Gather the necessary materials to take action. And finally ACT. This article was about physical messages but I know I’m also riding an emotional rollercoaster. And there is the mental aspect of teaching a graduate course, an undergraduate course, 2 Brain Gym courses, serving on the Crisis Team for Breakthroughs International, volunteering that is ramping up now that the initial trauma of sheltering at home is passing or has us numbed, etc…… Comment below on messages from your body, emotions, and mind. Join me in a class–here’s my schedule or on Fridays.

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If you’re ready to stop struggling and finally have strategies that best support child development and academic success, then join my Free Brain Gym® Bootcamp. I’ll teach you simple interventions to build the skill sets for life. Plus I break it all down in a really easy, straightforward way.

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