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Mar 3, 2022 | Emotions, Stress

Daughter, “Mom, I think a balance would help you feel better.”

Mom, “Help? I don’t need help! If you’d _____________, life would be just fine! Feel better??? I feel F.I.N.E!” 🤬 Imagine an exasperated mom’s-at-the-end-of-her-rope voice.

I observed a faculty intern teach an Educational Kinesiology In-Depth course. When it was time for the students to practice, one person was without a partner. I don’t know why I volunteered to fill the void, since I didn’t have an intention in mind. Sometimes the body reacts before the mind can talk us out of it.

Peaceful and Friendly

I’m in the breakout room with the student. What is my goal? I dunno! I describe my crabby 😡 demeanor the past couple of days. There is no need to go into specifics. We flip the coin from crabby to peaceful and friendly. Nervous laughter 🤭 spills out of my mouth as I rock back and forth in my chair.

Cranial Dimension

It’s time to check what resources I already have available to me and where I have opportunities to grow. Within the Cranial Dimension, the spot at the crown of my head  is tender. It wasn’t sensitive until I touched it. The sphenoid relates to nurturance.🍼 “Cindy, how is the roof of your mouth?” I am completely unaware of my palate, and in fact, feel un-nurtured. With fingers on my chin, I cannot touch my teeth together. Um, my filter has not been working lately and I’ve said more than necessary at times. Metaphorically, this relates to my not being able or willing to shut my mouth and hold my words in. 🙊Yes, I have opportunities to grow!


“I learn from everything, even my mistakes.” My chosen affirmation supports balancing my Gentle Spirit. This was my primary issue to help me find peace; at the onset, I do not feel filled with gentleness or the spirit. The vehicle I chose to help transform this issue and make it truly authentic was holding my forehead and my occipit—hmmm, the forehead relates to contentment, the opposite of which is anger. My crabbiness was rooted in anger at a couple of specific situations. 🙈The occiput relates to trusting and accepting my current homeostasis, past experiences, as well as future encounters.

In less than a minute of holding those points, I noticed the back of my head was cooler and my neck felt longer. I was laughing for real, not out of nervousness. And most profound was the fact that I could touch my teeth together. They weren’t clenched, but they weren’t separated. They were connected and could nurture me with chewing and speech. The crown of my head was just there—no tenderness remained.

Rippling Repercussions

Immediately upon completion, my phone rang.📳 It was my husband simply calling to check in. What possessed him to call at that moment? I giggled and told him about the balance. He exclaimed, “Thank God! Tell her I’m grateful!” He knew he’d benefit from this balance.

Daughter who initially suggested the balance was equally enthusiastic. The piggyback effect of a mom balance is real…If mom ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. Flip it. When mom’s at peace and friendly, aw, yes, greatly improved family life!

Throughout the afternoon, there were work-related “fires.” 🔥 I remained steadfast in a spirit of friendliness. I felt emotions but they didn’t control me.

This work is so profound and so simple. The action goal was to be peaceful and friendly. In other words, to NOT be crabby. The educational opportunities and physical releases were powerful, measurable, and long-lasting!

You, too, can experience this. I consult in person or on Zoom. [email protected]

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