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Are you having a movement?

Movement. Are you having one? Moment. How about some of those? I know I’m having plenty of both.

Movement Meet Ups

I’m offering FREE sessions every Friday morning at 11 AM Central Daylight Time. So far we’ve focused on the core, attitude, vision and posture–all biggies from our increased screen time. Check out my Facebook Event listing or send me a quick email / text for information. You can also go to my youTube channel to find recordings of these 15 minute opportunities. Plus there is the FREE Bootcamp to introduce you to one movement a day for 2 weeks.

Teaching is my passion. I was already teaching online as an adjunct faculty for a university AND as an international Brain Gym faculty for a pilot project. Now Breakthroughs International is allowing all licensed Brain Gym® instructors to teach online. I  spent the last month helping the administrative team create policy and procedure for that to happen. Who cares? Well, it put my own teaching on a back burner. And now that the initial crisis is passed, I’m getting ready to have many moments of movement!

Sliding fees: There is a lot of financial uncertainty in our world right now. I am offering the courses below on a sliding fee scale. I will list the full standard price. You can choose the investment that makes the most financial sense for you at this time (between 50% and 100% of the course fee). This is how important I think this work is–it’s worth my sacrifice and yours!

Brain Gym Movements

Brain Gym® 104 is a 16 hour course that dives deep into the 26 Brain Gym® Activities. We have time to look at history, reflexes, and variations/adaptations. I’m offering this course online on Mondays from 6-9 PM Central time beginning Easter Monday, April 13. I know! Time snuck up on me. And all of a sudden I’ve got inquiries rolling in and can tell this class is supposed to happen! Information can be found here and registration is at the bottom of the page.

Vision Support

Visioncircles is a 24 hour course looking at various perceptual visual skill sets. It is one of my favorite classes to teach because of its powerfulness and playfulness. One of my kids took this adult-based course as a 9 year old and his reading grade level jump significantly within ONE MONTH! I myself did away with my glasses after taking the course the first time; yes, now I’m 20 years older, life happened (e.g. a miscarriage) and I wear glasses again. But I know I can use these strategies to support my visual processing and “see” immediate improvement. I’m going to offer Visioncircles on Wednesdays in May and June! There is a sliding fee scale and an invitation to bring a youth online with you!

Movement Facilitator

Brain Gym® 110 is the final course to become a Licensed Movement Facilitator. The track is simple: take Brain Gym® 101, Brain Gym® 104, conduct a case study on each of the 26 movements and then finish with Brain Gym® 110. I am offering this BRAND NEW course on Thursday and Friday, June 25 and 26. Mark your calendars now for this debut!

Brain Gym LogoLicensed Instructor

Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum is coming in July. This is the final course before becoming a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant.


Take a Moment and Get Moving

Whether you choose the Brain Gym program, a simple walk outside, T-tapp, somatic yoga, horseback riding, etc…. it doesn’t matter. Simply take time to move each day. For me, I’ve become much more consistent at walking a couple of times a day and I’m working on stretching out my screen time muscles (pecs, lats, neck flexors, hips, eyes–basically my whole body)!



  1. Laura Vandegrift says:

    Hi Cindy, I will be signing up for 1 or 2 classes. Thanks for offering these and being a leader in getting us all online. Best regards and stay safe. Laura Vandegrift

  2. Karen Fraase says:

    Awesome- each time I jump onto zoom for a meeting or program, I recall the powerful sessions you held. It showed a different view of how I did the movements. And now zoom zoom meetings galore.
    I’ll hope to join a session or two.
    Love your work
    Karen from Illinois

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