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Sensitive Vision of the Future

For four weeks, one whole month, I’ve led Movement Meet Ups on Fridays at 11 AM. Each week we began with a warm up for living in this crazy world. We did a Brain Gym® routine called “PACE,” to support ourselves in being Positive, Active, Clear, and Energetic. Repetition is good for the brain and the body. However, it’s also good to keep things fresh and novel. This past week, Movement Meet Up #5 shifted from PACE to SPACE. We modified each PACE movement slighted and added in a new piece for being sensitive!

Sensitive? Or Insensitive?

I don’t know about you but for me, I’ve had moments lacking sensitivity while sheltering at home. The best way I know to increase my emotional sensitivity is to decrease my physical sensitivities of achey muscles, fatigues eyes, etc. I loved how my neck felt after the Cloverleaf and the Necklace. And my hips were much looser after Swing Alongs. I found Friday’s Movement Meet Up even helped my vision: “What’s your outlook on 2020?” I wrote about SPACE a couple of years ago. Check it out to learn why we do specific activities for the acronym SPACE!

Sometimes change can happen within 5 minutes. Simple. Yet. Profound. Sometimes more time is helpful.

Circles of Vision

The course, Visioncircles, is starting ONLINE in 2 weeks; it will be my first time teaching it online. I’ve been studying, planning, and visualizing the end result. It’s going to be so much fun! This 24 hour course will focus on various visual perceptual skills. Each 3 hour session will be its own circle–a blend of lecture and exploration. A 5-step learning process will anchor in every week’s concepts. This class is OPEN to ALL! Those who have taken it in the past can repeat for 1/2 price.

Best News? Everyone can choose their own investment based on a sliding fee AND because it is in the comfort of your home, you can have a child/spouse/etc join for FREE!

Sensitive About the Future

Today on my walk, I saw my first turtle of the season on the side of the road. It tucked and paused when I approached. What a great survival strategy for this season we are in. Tuck. Pause. Breathe. Rest. And then carefully peek out. Observe. Notice. Receive with your senses. Be sensitive. And if you feel threatened, be a turtle and withdraw for temporary self care!


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