Save $20 on the BUNDLED Keys to Literacy: A Montessori Approach to Language for 3-6 Year Olds and its accompanying Lesson Plans. Together, they provide a comprehensive view of theory and practicality regarding literacy through a Montessori lens.

Language, and subsequent literacy, can be abstract mysteries for parents and teachers. How did we learn to read and write? Just like learning to walk takes plenty of repetition and reinforcement, so does learning to use language. Here, these resources look at how to directly and indirectly prepare young children’s bodies and brains for academics. Hint: physical comes first.

Montessori Approach to Language for 3-6 Year Olds

The Keys to Literacy download explores how to prepare the body for the academic tasks of writing and reading. The physical skills of learning are isolated by sense and then combined into multi sensory lessons. While Montessori wrote about this a hundred years ago, it is still relevant today. Frequently Asked Questions rounds out the download, along with resources and bibliography.

Lesson Plans

In the Lesson Plans download, view the recommended Montessori language lessons for early childhood. It is broken into sections: Oral Spoken Language, Multisensory, Writing, Reading and Function of Words. Notes, “Stories from the Schoolroom,” “Ideal to Real” commentary and word lists allow for immediate implementation. This is available as a word.doc. You can fill in the blanks and add your own photos and graphics. Make it your own!

The author combines her experience in the fields of Early Childhood, Montessori and Brain Gym® to create this dynamic reference manual. She takes you on a tour through the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual aspects of development on the road to literacy.

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