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The Weight on My Shoulders

Pop! Back in July, I was in bed ALONE. I went to roll over. I heard a pop. It was from my right shoulder. How can someone get hurt rolling over in bed, alone? Commitments were plentiful. I didn’t have time to be injured. When it became clear the “pop” involved pain in the front …

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House of Winners

“We live in a house of winners!” was the fist-pumping exclamation from the lunch eating young adult when his baby sister found out she won the Tractor Supply Good Neighbor Contest. It is an answered prayer, a dream come true—to have kids see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Every family member …

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Draw Out Youth Potential

**Written after Regional Competition; finally published after State Competition. Direct and Indirect How does my work in Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym® align with coaching horse knowledge bowl teams? Drawing out is a key concept in both fields. One junior team comes out after their first match. Coaches shared how they got beat bad. They …

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Reset the Anchor

Fishing anchors    As a frequent traveler, the metaphor of anchoring is a powerful one for me and my work. Maybe it’s because BK (before kids), my hubby and I used to fish and anchors made me nervous. Sometimes, they’d come loose—what if we drifted somewhere unfamiliar? Or they’d come up full of weeds—what if we …

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Thankful for Health

In Thanksgiving It’s tradition. Everyone’s doing it. Sharing my thankful list. My list is aimed at whole body health. I’m thankful for: A body that moves. It can walk, bike, twist, and stretch. Sleep. It is rejuvenating and the dreams offer a (sometimes weird) glimpse into my subconscious. Frontal lobes that allow me to ponder …

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A Victim of Trauma

I. Fearful. Victim. I had an experience that left me feeling traumatized. The first thing my mom asked as I was sharing was, “Why? Why would God allow this?” And that question allowed me to start healing. There must be a lesson here for me to learn—maybe tolerance of those living in abusive situations or …

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