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Burning to Bitch

I have a cold sore. It’s my down time between summer and fall. I should NOT be stressed. Why do I have this blazing burning blister, front and center, on my lower lip?

Cool It, Girlie!

Venting to my mom, I was on quite a rant! Unbeknownst to me, my “techie” parents placed me on speakerphone. Suddenly mom invited dad to share his comment. Oh? I didn’t know I was talking to dad, too. The gut–level pause I felt should have been an indicator to me that perhaps I was being a bit dramatic. (He’s been my dad for well over 40 years so this isn’t new to him, but…) I could hear the smile in his voice and imagine the look on his face as he said, “Hey, cool it, girlie!”

We continued our conversation and I emphatically stated, “I’m pissed!” Then it hit me! Louise L. Hay has a book Heal Your Body. In it she talks about different ailments and their emotional connections. Cold sores are about being pissed off. I fetched the book to find the exact words for cold sores: “Angry. Burning to bitch. Bitter words left unspoken.”

It never ceases to amaze me how spot-on her connections are. I remember when I had a miscarriage and the book said, “Fear of not being in control.” I threw the book violently across the room. How dare it put in black and white my concerns about the due date. Why couldn’t the due date be in the summer—a logical time for a maternity leave? Should I close my school? What would I do? Would the families stay? The plan is bigger than our biggest dreams—our family wouldn’t be the same if those miscarriages hadn’t happened. PS the boys were eventually born two years and one day apart in JUNE; I did close school those two summers! (Yes, I was a planner!)

Thankfully, I’ve changed a lot throughout the last two decades. It isn’t all about me. Neither is it all about Louise L. Hay. “It” is bigger than a person. AND with all of that, I do make an impact. My thoughts. My feelings. My actions. They all matter.

Messages from e-Motion

This body of mine (and yours) is like the biggest computer processor imaginable. When it grows a cold sore, there is a message. Sometimes, it means slow down and rest—perhaps the immune system is compromised. Other times (like this time), the blazing blister is truly about burning to bitch. So, I can choose to either express the emotion appropriately or I can let it go through prayer/meditation/exercise/etc. I find a combination is often the most useful for me.

What did I do? Well, I stated, “I’m really pissed!” Boom! Instant relief. I did an extra intense workout. I drank more water. I medicated the owie. I connected with friends and family. And I prayed for a peaceful mind.

Louise L. Hay’s book is a gem! It not only states the connections between ailments and emotions, BUT it also turns those negatives into positives. In my situation, the related statements are “I think and speak only words of love” And “I am at peace with life.” Hence I prayed for a peaceful mind. And guess what? The cold sore is receding without a festering scab. And the burning in my heart is more positive—picture burning love instead of burning hate.

Thank you wise body of mine. Thank you mom and dad for your wise words. Thank you Louise L. Hay for writing in black and white. Thank you for reading!

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