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Good-Bye Fur Baby

Hubby and I agreed long ago to not be animal owners. Then there were kids. A few years into parenting, animals joined the family. As with anything, there is life and there is death. Both are filled with learning opportunities. Bunnies, Dog, Chickens, and Horses Vacation Bible School led us to baby bunnies looking for …

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Clean Eating for Thanksgiving

Traveling. Dining out. Hosting. “What’s the plan?” asks my mom. With three teenagers, horses, chickens, and a dog, traveling has become a bit cumbersome. With our kids each recognizing their unique physiological responses to gluten, dining out is challenging. So that leaves hosting. Traditions + Gluten Free = Yummy Traditions are important in my family …

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Choosing a Priority

To-do lists can get long. Choosing a priority can result in uncertainty. Typically, in such a situation, the human response goes one of three ways: Ostrich: bury the head in the sand Energizer Bunny: look really busy doing not much of anything Balanced Bird: prioritize in order of time sensitivity and importance; chug along at a …

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I’m Ready! Celebrate!

Follow a map. Be happy. Do the sweaty work. Mop up spills. Be adventurous. Enjoy unexpected success. Ad lib. Treasures come in different forms. This year’s pirate-based theme for the 4H State Arts In Program is “I’m ready!” I hear a different message every time I sit through the show. (I attend many shows since my eldest son is …

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