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…Was Already Beautiful–Why Remodel?

Comments and questions such as this invite introspection. Why bother remodeling one’s tangible home? My answer reminds me of why I get such fulfillment in helping myself and others remodel their own HOMEostasis as we do in Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K).House remodel-Before

Pre-Checks = Project Expansion

With a quick glance at the surface, the house may appear fine as is. However, upon closer inspection, one finds electrical tape covering up torn laminant cabinetry, slits and warping in the floor, hinges falling off, water and other stains on the ceiling, lighting and flooring limiting arrangement possibilities, and so much more. It is similar with us humans. At first glance, when all of our physical parts are present, others may be unaware of what is happening just under the surface. It isn’t obvious who struggles with mental health or positive self-talk, whose eyes see the written word differently, who has cancer or gut issues, etc. The functionality, efficiency and flow of both a house and one’s inner home can benefit from an occasional quick glance beyond the surface.

Stick to the surface and Keep it simple! Replace flooring, cabinets and countertops. Clients usually come to me with a surface goal, too, such as improving eye tracking or increasing organization skills or reducing test anxiety. Guess what? Often, the gold nugget is buried underneath. We were invited to redo our ceiling in order to fix the water stain. Then it was suggested we update our lighting, in order to increase flexibility for room arrangement. While painting, why not update trim and doors? What started as a simple remodel quickly escalated into a bigger project. Again, it parallels Edu-K where we often end up going deeper than we ever imagined.

Out With the Old; In With the New

Removing floor, cabinets, backsplash and scraping off the popcorn ceiling are major overhauls. The gutted space was uncomfortable. Our family dinners went to the wayside while our “kitchen” was a card table with a tabletop grill and a microwave. The discomfort was temporary and so very worth it! First came the knockdown ceiling, new light fixtures, and painted walls. Next came installation of the flooring, cabinets, countertops, and finally the backsplash. As each element arrived, my satisfaction increased. Similarly in Edu-K, the Pre-Checks can be uncomfortable because we are determining opportunities for growth. However, like with the remodel, the unease is temporary.

Post-Reflections Anchor Change

Sure, the table is still filled with historical marks from 19 (parenting) years of fingernail polish remover stains, fork pits, hot pan circles, etc. The furniture still tells its same stories. Likewise, in Edu-K, while the client grows, there are still familiar elements.

Remodeling is not the same as breaking ground and starting completely new. Rather, it is using what is already available in a new way. We rearranged. Wall hangings found new walls for homes. Existing items were painted and repurposed. My kitchen was beautiful. Now my kitchen is more beautiful. It reflects me from its five element representation (metal light fixtures, water faucets, wood cabinetry, granite/earth countertop, hammered glass light pendants remind me of fire) to its visual curiosity points (beehive light, curved island with seating for one, zebra shades). Similarly, after an Edu-K balance, “I am who I am” still holds true. However, who one is may have shifted slightly. Maybe there is a physical change, such as in posture. Change may be emotional, such as less anger or greater calm. Or one’s intellect may have changed, such as greater comprehension when reading or faster math fact recall. Remodeling is using what is available to create new potential. Remodeled Kitchen

Peace and Joy

I am filled with peace and joy when I pass through the remodeled area. Balancing myself and others also fills me with peace and joy. Whether you stick to the surface or go deeper, may satisfaction at the end override any discomfort during the process.


  1. Brilliant Cindy! I love the parallel of the remodelling with the Brain Gym® Balance Process, thanks a million !!!
    And congrats!!! Your kitchen is lovely, absolutely worth the trouble, right? 🙂
    As we do when closing the session…celebrate!!!

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