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Merry Christmas!

I debated. Do I say Merry Christmas and risk offending someone? Do I say Happy Holidays and risk offending someone else? Do I write about the weather and avoid it altogether?

Today I was asked my age. As I travel through my 40’s, some things just don’t mean as much to me anymore. So I decided to come out with it and say, “Merry Christmas!” And if that doesn’t resonate with you, I trust you to translate it into a language that does.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the days are short. It makes me reflect on how my light is burning.  There is a mindfulness game on the Wii where one has to sit quietly. The candle on the screen will be snuffed out with sudden movement. Occasionally, I can make it the full allotted time but more often than not, the candle goes out and “Game Over!”


I was reminded of this game when my dear friend/mentor Bonnie Hershey shared her mother’s funeral video. It was a Jewish celebration–beautiful chanting and song, translation from Hebrew to English, and a comment about the lighting of the candles each night of Hanukkah. The rabbi commented that her mother was like the Shamash, a candle from which all the other candles are lit.

Isn’t that a great metaphor of motherhood? The key is to keep enough energy in our own light that we don’t snuff ourselves out as we strive to light others’ up with thought and deed.

My family is heading into “Christmas.” This is translated into family gatherings and gifts, food and fellowship. Naps and Netflix will help balance it all out. In this busy season, may you find time to put your feet up!

Take care! Enjoy the weekend! Next week will be filled with announcements of 2018 events!


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