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Tools for Demolition

Habits can be hard to change. Yet, humans are capable of deconstructing and reconstructing habits every day of our lives. It’s a lot like a kitchen remodel.

The tools appeared in the kitchen. I itched to prove to myself that I could remove tile. Education came first…I watched some youTube videos on removing backsplash, trim, and cabinets.

Next, I prepped the area by cleaning off countertops. Then, it was time to get down and dirty—hammers, scrapers, crowbars, vacuum. Pounding and chiseling affirmed that I could do this!

It reminded me of how I feel when making change with the “tools” I use every day.

Educare=Draw Out

Education comes first. Educare is the Latin root word that means to draw out. In order to truly draw out, one has to look in. Freeze-frame the present moment. This “pause” is a chance to look at the physical body: muscular tension, breath, and/or coordination. It is also an opportunity to reflect on emotions and thoughts. Without judging, draw out the messages from the body and mind.

After self-reflecting, it is time to prep for change. Identify the kind of change desired. In other words, set a goal. Then notice: what is already mastered and what skills are still to be acquired? After assessing, choose movement to support the intended outcome.

Demo Habits with Intentional Movement

Demolishing a kitchen involves movement. Deep proprioceptive input. Pounding tile. Loud noises. Heavy lifting. Visualizing the big picture while tuning into each tile’s detail. Movement is also the turning point in Educational Kinesiology. Movements might be geared towards relaxing the musculature. They might be directed at emotional stress release (ESR). Or they might be crossing the midline of the body.

Whether talking about remodeling a kitchen or oneself, knowledge alone does not equal change. Action is required after assessing.

Even with education, prepping, and movement, we can slip backinto the deep ruts of habit. For example, after we broke through the sheetrock, watched more videos, adjusted our strategy…there were occasions that it still happened. It is the same with our self-growth. Even when we know better, even when we have strategies, we can slip back into the deep ruts of habit. (My favorite poem about habits.)

To me, the best results of research in this century are regarding our neuroplasticity. It has been proven that humans can deconstruct and reconstruct their brains every day of their lives.

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(c) 2018 Cindy Goldade, In-Motion Intelligence

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