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Goals reached with laughter and bloopers

Two months ago I wrote a blog setting some public goals.

Re-evaluating Goals

  • Writing More. I did in fact publish more than four articles in the last two months. Yeah!
  • Exploring Technology. I made my first Facebook Live video AND I came up with a new idea for the Freebie on my website. It is a Brain Gym® Bootcamp and involved making ten videos to be dripped to my mailing list over two weeks.
  • Return to Teaching. I have six months left for this goal of observing one of my adult learners at UWRF.
  • Clean Eating. Um, yeah, this one is yet to be achieved. May the New Year be a new beginning.

Laughing at Myself

Bringing the Brain Gym® Bootcamp to reality was a huge undertaking. Santa’s helper got me a ring light and a Blue Yeti microphone for Christmas along with some fun stocking stuffers like a jellyfish tripod mount. These helped create a “studio” of sorts. However, all the gadgets in the world do not replace tech-know-how. I have spent a lot of time with tech support over the past two weeks. And I’ve learned tons of cool shortcuts with Camtasia video editing and Mailchimp.


Obsessed with my new toys, I played for hours every day making and editing videos. I made many errors. One day you’ll see I rearranged the furniture and changed clothes between “takes.” That was the same day I say in an exasperated voice, “Oh my Gosh, You’ve got to be kidding me!” 

After finishing all of the videos, I collected the funnies and made a short blooper video for your enjoyment. It will give you a sneak peek into the Brain Gym® Bootcamp production process.

Enjoy a peek into the process of coordinating cameras, lighting, microphones, furniture, children as models, and MORE!

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