Sought-after Speaker for Workshops and Courses

Cindy’s speaking is dynamic and engaging! She weaves the powerful relationship between moving and learning with storytelling and practical tips. Her interactive workshops and courses are filled with strategies to immediately integrate into existing lesson plans and activities. 


Your session at the Minnesota Association for Continuing Adult Education (MACAE) Conference…was highly rated in our evaluations!  The information, as well as the presentation, was excellent!  You were able to clearly inform and engage attendees…we all benefited from your enthusiasm, wisdom and experience. You got the audience involved and active!…Again, I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation! (Nancy)   


You have the gift of speaking (Anna)


  • Brain Gym® Movements
  • Alternative Methods of Early Childhood
  • Learning Profiles
  • Physical Development of Children
  • Movement is the Key to Learning **MOST POPULAR
  • Keys to Literacy


  • Brain Gym® 101
  • Optimal Brain Organization
  • Vision circles 
  • Edu-K In Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence
  • Brain Gym® Teacher Practicum
  • Montessori Literacy Foundations
  • Montessori Movement and the Arts
  • Alternative Methods of Early Childhood


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