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From Sick and Tired to Rested Wellness

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Have you ever felt this way? On November 29th I was leading a BIG event Sick and Tired and felt a virus approaching. I tried, unsuccessfully, to dodge its bullet. Upon its arrival, I acknowledged the sign to take a break. The symptoms abated rather quickly. Whew! Rested Wellness seemed the key; but it was short-lived.

Round 2 was totally unexpected. I did my best to accept it and listen to my body—but it was December and the lists were long. I felt better after a few days. Round 3 hit over Christmas—I took a long nap in the afternoon, only to come home and crawl directly into bed at 7 PM. Seeing that the virus had moved into my eyes, I couldn’t focus on any screens. This little detail reminded me that last Christmas my mom became sick with shingles/encephalitis/meningitis around her brain. She slept for a month! The little snippets of time she was awake, she spent in the dark because her eyes hurt. Rest was her prescription; I figured it would be good to make it mine, too.

Except there are five people living in my house. One of them broke a bone during that time. Another one caught the virus I had, yet manifested it quite differently from me. This kid became a wheezing, wall-pounding maniac at night when he’d awaken unable to breathe. The whole family experienced interrupted sleep night after night. My thinking brain knew rest was important; however, my emotional brain and survival brain were both firing messages that over-rode the thinker. After each wheezing episode, my husband and I would return to bed where sleep eluded us. The cortisol and adrenalin were doing their jobs and sleep is not on their agenda.

By New Year’s, I had spent more time at doctors’ offices in two weeks than I had in two years! My New Year’s resolution was simple: restored health and rested wellness.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It’s now mid-January and we’ve rounded a corner. The cast came off the wrist last week. After visiting with a colleague, the wheezing kid began consuming Mullein Lung Complex. Our family is now sleeping through the night! Well, that is if you don’t count staying awake for the oldest to return safely home from evening events, or the hormonal elements of womanhood, or the owls and coyotes making noise outside our windows.

What is the point of this article? Encouragement. The body is wise. It knows when slowing down is in your best interest. Listen to it. Re-evaluate goals.

Throughout this trial, I consistently T-Tapp’ed 5 days a week—this flushes lymph, stretches fascia, and improves posture! I became more informed about the use of essential oils. I discovered the necessity of vaporizers/humidifiers, even when the moisture is running off the windows due to the cold air outside. I upped my fluids! I rested…the recliner and I became one on multiple occasions.

Resting means lists get shifted. I did publish the article with the Brain Gym® Publications Archived. I did move my office home the end of December. I do have a pile designated as “giveaways” when the time is right. For now, I’m celebrating the shift from sick and tired to rested wellness.

(c) 2017 cindy goldade, in-motion intelligence


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