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Tools for Demolition

Habits can be hard to change. Yet, humans are capable of deconstructing and reconstructing habits every day of our lives. It’s a lot like a kitchen remodel. The tools appeared in the kitchen. I itched to prove to myself that I could remove tile. Education came first…I watched some youTube videos on removing backsplash, trim, and …

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Good-Bye Fur Baby

Hubby and I agreed long ago to not be animal owners. Then there were kids. A few years into parenting, animals joined the family. As with anything, there is life and there is death. Both are filled with learning opportunities. Bunnies, Dog, Chickens, and Horses Vacation Bible School led us to baby bunnies looking for …

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Merry Christmas!

I debated. Do I say Merry Christmas and risk offending someone? Do I say Happy Holidays and risk offending someone else? Do I write about the weather and avoid it altogether? Today I was asked my age. As I travel through my 40’s, some things just don’t mean as much to me anymore. So I …

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As many are reflecting with gratitude, I want to share a shout out to those who have shaped and molded me into who I am today. It’s impossible to rank these, so consider each one as important as the next one. My Kids Each has prodded me onward in studying the brain, body, and gut! …

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Clean Eating for Thanksgiving

Traveling. Dining out. Hosting. “What’s the plan?” asks my mom. With three teenagers, horses, chickens, and a dog, traveling has become a bit cumbersome. With our kids each recognizing their unique physiological responses to gluten, dining out is challenging. So that leaves hosting. Traditions + Gluten Free = Yummy Traditions are important in my family …

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Live In The Dash

Adulting It’s official! I’ve been “an adult” over half my life. My oldest is a high school senior and is repeatedly hearing, “What are you doing to be when you grow up?” All of this “adulting” has me reflecting on my dash—that long space on one’s headstone between birth and death. Do It Now In …

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