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Yummy Ways to Nourish Learning-Gluten Free

My mission is to provide concrete practical strategies related to learning. Most of the time the focus is on movement, reflexes, sensory integration, developmental patterns and supportive educational methods. For this blog, the spotlight is shifting slightly. We are going into the kitchen. Why? With every shared cooking success on social media, I receive multiple requests for …

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There are so many choices every moment of every day. Food: what to eat and when. Sleep. Work vs play. Screen time: television, Facebook, Netflix, blog post, bookkeeping, etc. Outdoor chores: do I wash windows, rake leaves, cut grass again, move a garden or two, walk in the woods, ride horse, sit by a bonfire? …

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Screen Free Sunday

Driving 700 Miles Last week I drove 700 miles across the beautiful state of Minnesota during peak harvest time. I attended three venues in three days with three entirely different topics. By Sunday, I needed a break! My bum was begging to please move—no more sitting. My auditory and visual systems were ready to relax—no …

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