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Merry Christmas!

I debated. Do I say Merry Christmas and risk offending someone? Do I say Happy Holidays and risk offending someone else? Do I write about the weather and avoid it altogether? Today I was asked my age. As I travel through my 40’s, some things just don’t mean as much to me anymore. So I …

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As many are reflecting with gratitude, I want to share a shout out to those who have shaped and molded me into who I am today. It’s impossible to rank these, so consider each one as important as the next one. My Kids Each has prodded me onward in studying the brain, body, and gut! …

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Clean Eating for Thanksgiving

Traveling. Dining out. Hosting. “What’s the plan?” asks my mom. With three teenagers, horses, chickens, and a dog, traveling has become a bit cumbersome. With our kids each recognizing their unique physiological responses to gluten, dining out is challenging. So that leaves hosting. Traditions + Gluten Free = Yummy Traditions are important in my family …

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