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Live In The Dash

Adulting It’s official! I’ve been “an adult” over half my life. My oldest is a high school senior and is repeatedly hearing, “What are you doing to be when you grow up?” All of this “adulting” has me reflecting on my dash—that long space on one’s headstone between birth and death. Do It Now In …

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Fake It Until You Make It

Watching a performance, I saw one person whose eyes were watering and nose was dripping. I wondered whether she had a cold or had pulled a muscle or if perhaps someone had died. The next day the same person was on stage smiling and fully engaged in the performance. Afterwards, I shared my observation from …

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Burning to Bitch

I have a cold sore. It’s my down time between summer and fall. I should NOT be stressed. Why do I have this blazing burning blister, front and center, on my lower lip? Cool It, Girlie! Venting to my mom, I was on quite a rant! Unbeknownst to me, my “techie” parents placed me on …

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Practicing Presence

A full summer followed by a lull in the action. Is it the calm before the storm or is it simply the tidal wave-like ebb and flow of life? I can be really good at “to-do” lists and the “keep on keepin’ on” mentality. However, I can struggle with just “being.” I am practicing presence! …

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Warm-Up for Vision

Before you exercise, I bet you warm-up. Or at least know that you “should” stretch pre- and post-workout. What about when you read or use a computer? Do you warm-up your eyes? Similar to the large muscles of our legs, our eyes are surrounded by muscles to support movement. It is important to provide these muscles, …

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