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Fake It Until You Make It

Watching a performance, I saw one person whose eyes were watering and nose was dripping. I wondered whether she had a cold or had pulled a muscle or if perhaps someone had died. The next day the same person was on stage smiling and fully engaged in the performance. Afterwards, I shared my observation from …

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Burning to Bitch

I have a cold sore. It’s my down time between summer and fall. I should NOT be stressed. Why do I have this blazing burning blister, front and center, on my lower lip? Cool It, Girlie! Venting to my mom, I was on quite a rant! Unbeknownst to me, my “techie” parents placed me on …

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Practicing Presence

A full summer followed by a lull in the action. Is it the calm before the storm or is it simply the tidal wave-like ebb and flow of life? I can be really good at “to-do” lists and the “keep on keepin’ on” mentality. However, I can struggle with just “being.” I am practicing presence! …

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Warm-Up for Vision

Before you exercise, I bet you warm-up. Or at least know that you “should” stretch pre- and post-workout. What about when you read or use a computer? Do you warm-up your eyes? Similar to the large muscles of our legs, our eyes are surrounded by muscles to support movement. It is important to provide these muscles, …

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Brain Gym® Publications Archives

Is there any research on the relationship between reading and Brain Gym? Has anyone ever used Brain Gym with eating disorders? Does this work with ADHD and/or autism? Are the reflexes addressed? When I was Program Director at the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, these questions were asked every week. Most of the time, the answer was …

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